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Subtracting mixed numbers with like denominators - AAAMath


Fractions   Know that a whole equals ONE! 2/2=1 3/3=1 4/4=1 n/n=1

A.  Lessons - Online and with Teachers

Lesson with teacher:  Learn Zillion equivalent fractions with fraction strip

Lesson with teacher:  Learn Zillion equivalent fractions with a number line

Lesson with teacher:  Learn Zillion Recognize and generate equivalent fractions by using set models

Lesson with teacher:  Learn Zillion Decomposing Fractions with Area Model

Lesson with teacher:  Learn Zillion Decompose a fraction into a sum of fractions using a number line


Basic Review

Study Jams Fractions

Adaptive Minds Fraction Review 1 - numerator and denominator

Adaptive Minds Fraction Review 2 - identifying fraction parts


Equivalent Fractions

Learn Zillion Recognize equivalent fractions area model and number line 

Learn Zillion Generate equivent fractions  Area Model   Number Line   Multiply or Divide by one

Equivalent fraction using fraction bars for parents ShowMe

Comparing Fractions
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Common Denominators


B.  Practice  

Make equivalent fractions using iBoard

Adapted Mind 4th Grade Fractions

Adapted Mind equivalent fractions

Adapted Mind comparing fractions

Fractions with pattern blocks using Illumination's Shape Tool

Complete weekly practice sheets

C.  Front Row Ed   Continue with Adaptive Practice Fractions

D.  Challenge

Explore AAA Math Fractions and write about something new you learned.  Include examples.

StudyJam add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators

  1. Watch Step by Step, completing lesson, Watchout and Try It.  Click on Show me! button for more directions while you work.
  2. In your math spiral notebook, write the key vocabulary words and their definitions.
  3. Complete Test me - writing problems in your spiral notebook and show all your work.  Write score on test and review missed problems.

E.  For More Information - complete a google search on the fraction topic in question 

F.  Games - HOME PRACTICE  (please let the teacher know if any game links are broken!)

Visit Miss Heiple's Website and play some fraction games

Play at least two games.  In your spiral notebook, write a summary of onw of the games played, whether or not you liked it, and what it taught you.

 (Length, 8- 10 sentences)

Visit Mrs. Mills Website and play some fraction games

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