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Cold and Flu Season

As the Cold/Flu Season is upon us, we are reminding families that children need to stay home when they are exhibiting symptoms/conditions that may indicate the start of an illness.  This allows us to decrease the spread of illness.

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2014-2015 District Calendar

The 2014-2015 District Calendar was approved at the April 15th Board Meeting. Click here to view the calendar.

Principal's Message

Dear Brookridge Families,

As the Cold/Flu Season decends upon us, I'd like to remind you in fairness to ALL children, please keep your child home if they exhibit any of the following symptoms/conditions that may indicate the start of a communicable disease:

  • Temperature of 100 degress or higher within the last 24 hours (must be fever free for full 24 hours without use of Tylenol or Motrin)
  • Diarrhea and/or Vomiting within the last 24 hours
  • Severe cough
  • Severe cold, especially with greenish/yellow nasal drainage
  • Undetermined rash (requires Dr. note indicating it is not contagious in order to return to school)
  • Sore Throat and/or difficulty swallowing. (Must be on antibiotics 24 hours before returning to school with Strep Throat)
  • Red, watery, burning, itching eyes or yelowish dranage. (Pink Eye must be treated for 24 hours before returning to school)

Followng these simple guidelines will assist the school in decreasing the spread of illness.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Also, as the winter weather is upon us, please be patient and remember to follow the posted drop-off/pick-up routines for our Blue and Gold lines.  All drivers need to enter via the Roadoan Road entrance to Hurricane Alley.  THE FRONT PARKING LOT IS FOR FACULTY AND STAFF AND IS NOT A STUDENT PICK-UP OR DROP-OFF AREA.  The only exception is if you are picking up or dropping off for an appointment or ill child.  Thank you for your cooperation with this matter!

Winter Break begins at the end of the school day on Dec. 19th and classes resume on Monday, Jan. 5th, 2015.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours in education,
Patrick M. Yarman,

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Brooklyn, OH 44144  
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