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Preschool Photo Gallery
Our Preschool classrooms are spacious and inviting. The open floor plan in our Preschool classrooms is great for student exploration. The open floor plan in our Preschool classrooms is great for student exploration. Student artwork and photographs are displayed throughout the classroom.  We are proud of our Preschoolers! This is our Circle Time space.  It has rocking chairs, cube chairs, and vibrating cushions to meet the sensory needs of all students. The Table Toys Center features puzzles and manipulatives related to current themes for student exploration. The Discovery Center features opportunities for early science exploration, including a light table. The Blocks Center features a variety of building materials, such as wooden blocks and houses, Duplo blocks, jumbo textured blocks, and marble tracks. The Writing Center includes fun activities to develop pre-writing skills, such as a magnetic letter tracer, DoodlePro, and mailbox for letter deliveries. The Writing Center has a variety of materials, including paper, envelopes, stencils, flash cards with student photographs and thematic images, and writing utensils. The Sensory Center features fun manipulatives for sand and water exploration. Our Pretend Play Center has props, dress-up clothing, and furniture to help us use our imaginations. The indoor Motor Room is a great alternative to the playground on rainy days. Our Motor Room features a ball pit, large tunnel, plasma cars, and rocking horse. Our Motor Room features a basketball hoop, stairs, and large sensory ball.  It is also a great space for cooperative games like Duck, Duck, Goose. Preschool bathrooms feature child-size toilets and sinks. Some of our students with special needs benefit from completing work box tasks.  These activities teach students organization and provide opportunities for practice of mastered concepts.  We strive to meet the individual needs of all of our students. Our Safe Space aligns with the Conscious Discipline curriculum and is a calming place for students to self-regulate.
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