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One Call Now

In addition to the regular method of notification through the media, Brooklyn City Schools has a new means of communicating with parents in an emergency situation this year. A new phone messaging system will enable us to send a single message to a given number of phones for the whole district or by individual building should an emergency occur.

This system is only effective if the school has the correct phone number with which to call. If your number is not updated with the district, you will not receive a call. 

When the emergency message is sent, the identifying party on your caller id will be the district number (216) 485-8100.

The system is as easy as this to operate:
Answer the call with “hello”
Listen to the message

The system will indicate back to the district the status of whether the call was received or the line was busy. If the line is busy, the system will call again in fifteen minutes. If there is no answer, the message will go to voice mail.