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Strategic Plan

Last Updated: 11/4/2021 2:58 PM

Brooklyn City Schools Logo        First Meeting of 2021 Strategic Planning

On Tuesday, October 26, 2021, the Brooklyn City Schools began an important strategic planning process that will be conducted by a committee of thirty members representing all district stakeholders, including, administrators, teachers, classified staff, Board of Education, parents, and community members. Over the course of five-monthly meetings, the Strategic Planning Committee will establish the framework of a strategic plan that will address learning challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and guide the district into the next generation of education. The strategic plan will include the identification of core values, new mission and vision statements, areas of focus, targeted goals, and action steps to reach each stated goal. As a result, the district seeks to set a strong foundation to continue its proud legacy of tradition, pride, and excellence.

The Brooklyn City Schools will make regular updates to this page with information related to the strategic planning process. Please take a moment to review and learn more about this important district initiative. Thank you for your continued support of the Brooklyn City Schools.


2021-22 Brooklyn City School District Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Schedule

Monday, October 26, 2021, 5:00 - 6:30 PM / Brooklyn Community Room - BHS Room 173

Monday, November 29, 2021, 5:00 - 6:30 PM / Brooklyn Community Room - BHS Room 173

Brooklyn City Schools Strategic Planning Committee Members

Participant Position/Title
Dr. Theodore Caleris Superintendent
Colleen Aholt Treasurer
Michelle Kalish Assistant Superintendent
Paula Jones Director of Pupil Services
Supriya Culliton Coordinator of Student Support Programs
Karen Valenza Instructional Coach
Johnny Bollin Principal
Lara Smith Assistant Principal
Sherrin Frate 7th Grade Teacher
Laura Paul Secretary
Emily Banach 4th Grade Teacher
Brittany Hubbell Preschool Coordinator
Luanne Francesangeli 3rd Grade Teacher
Suzy Marquis Intervention Specialist
Brian Hare Principal
Matthew Larson Assistant Principal
Maggie Clancy Secretary
Chris Ross Counselor
Julie McGarey Intervention Specialist
Annie Bir Counselor
Delia Velez World Language Teacher
Kelly Supek Community Member
Earl Bloam Community Member
Karam Hasrouni Community Member
Michelle Hilcu Parent 
Rob Slattery Board of Education
Tamika Cannon Parent
Angie Helmick Parent
Pat Flanagan Parent
Cathie Flanagan Parent

Portrait of a Hurricane

Beginning in January 2021, a committee composed of administrators, teachers, classified staff, representation from the Board of Education, and parents met together to identify the characteristics Brooklyn students will possess upon graduation. A total of six competencies were finalized in the District’s Portrait of a Hurricane document featured below and which is also visibly posted throughout the entire district campus. The Portrait of a Hurricane will play a role in the District’s ongoing strategic planning process and serve as an important guide for student learning, achievement, and growth.

BCS Portrait of a Hurricane