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Brooklyn Police Teach Third and Fourth Graders About Fingerprint Collection

Brooklyn PD Officer Dan Meadows with Student During Fingerprint Activity

Third and fourth grade students in the Depth and Complexity group led by Gifted Intervention Specialist, Kathleen Mack, participated in an exciting Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) activity led by members of the Brooklyn Police Department on December 9th and 10th, 2021. With the help of our Brooklyn Police Officers, Dan Meadows, and Detective Kochmit, students learned how fingerprints are lifted from a crime scene. Students also were educated on how law enforcement officers take fingerprints. Thank you to the Brooklyn Police Department for providing our students a real-life learning opportunity related to the fields of law enforcement and forensic science!

Brooklyn PD Officers Speak to 3rd and 4th Grade Students

Brooklyn PD officer with student conducting fingerprint activity

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